The Blue Guitar Music Company is owned and operated in Columbia, Missouri by Jeff Bush.  The mission of our store is to provide instruments and services to inspire musicians to play, perform and perfect their art at the level they hope to achieve.  Whether this is your first time exploring playing music or you are a life long veteran in performing we attempt to bring quality products and professional repairing to help you achieve your goals more easily.  The first thing you will notice about the shop is a "comfortable" atmosphere with friendly and knowledgeable people you will meet on staff as well as the folks that may be visiting at the time.  Because we know that much of learning guitar, bass, banjo, mandolin and other musical instruments is conveyed through other players we always promote an interaction between the people in the store as well as the staff relationship with the customer.  This sharing of ideas on gear, playing technique and music life is key to our concept for promoting music and local musicians in the community.  The greatest outcome from this type of approach is the spontaneous break-out of jam sessions in the store that are never seen or heard anywhere else.  "Fun" playing music is our mantra and we hope you'll have plenty of it when you visit.


Originally opened in 1986 in a small part of a warehouse on Orr St., The Blue Guitar quickly caught on as the place to see and buy cool used and vintage guitars and amps as well as the best  place to service, repair, modify and restore stringed instruments and tube amps.  In a little over a year more space was needed and the store moved a couple of blocks to larger digs on 9th St., in downtown Columbia, where operations continued for the next 13 years.  Today our new space in the Westport Center takes us out of the downtown area but offers much more convenience to our customers and friends by providing close to the door parking and a newer more comfortable ambiance while browsing and trying out the gear or just hanging out. 


Some shots of the new store



Plenty of space to add more cool gear!


My personal background and relationship with guitars and music go back a long way.  Starting with my first "basement" band in high school I still continue to jam and play music with others whenever possible.  But my real interest in the guitar began when I became obsessed with the workings of this instrument and what made one better than another even though they appeared to be so similar.  So, the desire to repair, restore and craft instruments has become my life's work and greatest love.  Years ago, after achieving some degree of success and knowledge, I was able to obtain work in a local music store doing sales and repair.  And so began the journey that continues today.   Having now been matchmaker of instruments and players and serviced, repaired and restored thousands of instruments as well as custom crafting dozens of pieces I believe my greatest contribution is keeping an instrument at peek playing level for both enjoyment and performing players.  I understand the trust and expectation placed in my hands when you purchase or leave your instrument for service and I thank those who have done so all those times over the years and look forward to working with new clients as we build this relationship.

        Our onsite work area is not huge but it is adequate to handle most needs.  We have to provide quick turn around on most repairs otherwise      the space situation could get tight in a hurry. 



If you think The Blue Guitar is just another music store, that is not the concept we intended.  While we hope to provide the tools you need as a musician, we are always seeking to provide you with options to "big box" products and "high pressure" sales that may not always be best for your needs.  If you want to know why buying a guitar or other instrument from us can be better, then you should come by because it's all about how it sounds, plays and feels that makes it just right for you.  And, if you have already found an instrument but wish it could be better in all those ways, then bring it in and you will get an honest opinion and quality work from the repair shop.


I look forward to seeing or hearing from you soon,


Email:  Info@blueguitarmusic.com