Come & Gone


This page contains listings of some previous great and/or unique guitars, amps and items we have had the pleasure to care-take and pass on to our customers.  These items are representative of the type of gear and equipment we have enjoyed handling and are always looking to replace with the same or something similar.  If  you have gear like this and are interested in selling or trading it at some time we would like to talk with you about that.  Give us a call or email so we can work something out.  All items listed here have been SOLD and are no longer available.  Not all items sold from our shop are listed here as some pieces come & go so quickly we don't have time to get them on the web site.  So, if you are looking for something unique or special contact us as we may have it, have it coming or know where one is at!



Acoustic Guitars:

 2002 Coliings D2H:  Like so many of the fine Collings this guitar exhibits all the characteristics of fine craftsmanship coupled with great tone and playability.  We think this is one of the best sounding non-AD Collings we have heard.  A wonderfully loud and smooth tonality that is balanced throughout.  Includes original hard-shell case. Excellent + condition.

 1993 Gibson J-30:  Bozeman made square shouldered J-30.  Spruce top with Tobacco Sunburst finish and mahogany back & sides.  Undersaddle transducer installed.  Includes hard-shell case. 

 1997 Gibson CL30 Deluxe:  Forerunner to the Songwriter series, Bubinga back & sides, Spruce top with abalone soundhole inlay.  One of the best sounding and always great players from a great period of building for Gibson.  Undersaddle pickup added.  Almost MINT condition!  Includes original hardshell case.  

1991 Gibson J-45:  Early "workingmans friend" in a nice Tobacco Sunburst.  Mahogany back & sides, spruce top, rosewood fingerboard & bridge.  Nice example that has developed a wonderful full tone and harmonic response.  Excellent condition.  Includes original hard case. 

2002 Martin D18GE:  Designed after the 1934 D-18 this mahogany back & side guitar carries the superb sounding "Adirondack spruce" top that made the pre-wars sound so great.  Ebony bridge and fingerboard that has  1 3/4" width at the nut.  Excellent physical and playing condition and simply stunning tone.  Includes original hard-shell case.  

1974 Guild F212XL:  Great 12-string, natural finish, solid spruce top, solid mahogany back & sides, ebony fretboard & bridge.  Recently setup and playing great with HUGE sound.  Very good + condition.  Includes original hard-shell case. 

1996 Taylor 710:  Gorgeous example with stunning tone in near mint condition.  Includes original hard-shell case.

2004 Taylor 314CE:  Nice auditorium size with cutaway and on board Fishman electronics.  Near mint.  Includes original hard-shell case.

2002 Taylor 710CE:  Indian rosewood back & sides with spruce top.  Cutaway with Fishman electronics.  Near Mint.  Original hard-shell case.

2004 Larrivee D-03R:  Dreadnaught size with Indian rosewood back & sides.  Stunning "bear claw" spruce top.  Near mint.  Original hard-shell case.

    2002 Larrivee LV-05:  Another beautiful example of Larrivee's small jumbo cutaway without the Fishman electronics.  Spruce top, figured mahogany back & sides (nice cut of "plum-pudding" verging on quilted), ebony fingerboard w/ white binding, bone nut & saddle added, Barcus-Berry piezo under saddle added.    Beautiful tone and super playing guitar.  Near MINT!  Includes original hard-shell case.  

  2003 Larrivee LV-05E:  A beautiful example of Larrivee's small jumbo cutaway.  Spruce top, mahogany back & sides, ebony fingerboard w/ white binding, full on-board dual pickup system.  A great sounding and super playing guitar.  Near MINT!  Includes original hard-shell case. 

 1967 Supro S710 Acoustic:  The S710 model is a very RARE example of a Supro acoustic 6-stg.  Only built for a little over a year this is probably the Kay guitar company after being bought out by Supro.  Classic Supro "wave" headstock with white overlay logo and 3-bolt neck.  Mahogany back & sides with spruce top.  Surprising tone.  Excellent condition.  Includes original soft-shell case of the period. 

Late 80's Yamaha L-20:  Yes, Yamaha made some incredible acoustic guitars in this upper end model.  Handmade of Indian rosewood back & sides with spruce top.  Great player and inspirational sound.  Must see, hear and play to believe.  Excellent condition.  Includes newer hard-shell case. 

1970 Gibson J-160E:  Limited Edition John Lennon model.  One of the very earliest square shoulder Gibsons.  Beautiful sunburst finish, no volute, single exposed P-90.  This guitar had been war wounded with a crack in the top.  It has been professionally repaired and is structurally sound although the scar remains visible.  Great playing great sounding guitar with tons of cool vibe.  Includes the original hard-shell case. 

 2002 Gibson J-45:  "The Workingman's Friend" the mahogany back and side with spruce top is finished in a gorgeous sunburst finish.  Comes with onboard pickup (stock) and has been refitted with a bone nut & saddle.  One of the best sounding newer Gibson's I have heard.  Excellent condition.  Includes original hard-shell case

1974 Guild D-25:  Fine example of this mid-70's workhorse acoustic guitar.  Dreadnought style body with spruce top, mahogany back & sides and rosewood fingerboard.  Dark red mahogany finish over-all.  Barcus-Berry under saddle pick-up.  Excellent condition and super player.  Great tone & volume!  Includes original hard-shell case. 

1999 Gibson J-185CE:  Blues King Electro.  Gorgeous maple back & sides with spruce top in a natural finish.  Super player.  Near Mint!  Includes original hard-shell case.

1996 Gibson Blues King Electro:   Another gorgeous maple back & sides with spruce top in a natural finish.  Accusound pickup system.  Near Mint!  Includes original hard-shell case. 

2004 Collings D2HA:  Undoubtedly the vintage guitars of tomorrow!  This D2HA has Indian rosewood back & sides and  the finest quality Adirondack top I have ever seen on any old or new guitar.   Adirondack tops are an up charge on any new guitar and are priced according to quality.  This one would grade AAAA by anyone's standards.  This guitar also features Adirondack bracing which you will only find from Collings on very special and limited basis.  The result is a guitar that is stunning in prescience, clarity and volume.  No one in the world builds a finer guitar than Collings and this is one of their feature models.  Hard to find and truly the best "flat-top" we've had.  Almost new condition!  Includes original hard-shell (Gieb style) case.  

1992 Martin D-35:  A mainstay standard of the Martin line.  Spruce top, 3-piece rosewood back & sides, ebony fingerboard and appointments.  They just don' (won't) build them like this anymore!  A great guitar used but not abused.  Very good ++.  Includes original hard-shell case.

    2004 Martin HD28-V:  Indian rosewood back & sides, spruce top, ebony appointments with herringbone trim and V-shaped neck.  A great vintage reissue of the pre-war D28 Herringbones.  Excellent condition, great player, new bone nut and saddle.  Includes original harshell case. 

    2001 Martin D18-V:  Mahogany back & sides, Sitka spruce top, ebony appointments with classic pre-war construction including forward x-bracing.  Excellent condition.  Great playing great sounding example of this guitar.  Includes original hard-shell case. 

2001 Taylor 315 CE:  Taylors version of the Jumbo with venetian cut-a-way and full on-board Fishman pick-up system.  Mahogany back & sides with spruce top.  This instrument is in immaculate condition and plays superbly.  Includes hard-shell case.

1999 Taylor 610 CE:  Stunning quilted maple back & sides in a golden finish with natural spruce top.  Cutaway with full onboard electronic Fishman system.  This guitar is like new and is a pre-finger joint headstock guitar (aesthetically more pleasing for sure).  Includes original hard-shell case.

Electric Guitars:

1971 Ampeg Dan Armstrong Lucite:  No reissue here, this is the real deal.  Comes with a "Country Bass" slide-in P/up and all original equipment.  Original Formica  pickguard has a few small cracks and missing one original knob.  Very good + condition.  Includes original hard-shell case in worn but serviceable condition. 

 1995 Fender Stratocaster:  American made, teal green metallic finish, rosewood fingerboard.  Great pre-Corona strat.  Excellent condition.  Includes original hard-shell case. 

 1996 Fender Stratocaster:  American made, candy apple red finish, rosewood fingerboard.  50th Anniversary model.  Excellent condition.  Includes original hard-shell case. 

PRS Double Cut P-90:  All mahogany carved top with creme P-90's.  Cherry translucent finish reminds you of the '61 Gibson LP Specials.  Stunning tone and great player.  Moon inlays.  Excellent condition.  Includes original hard-shell case. 

McInturff Empress:  Terry C. McInturff builds the finest guitars in the world.  This double cut carved top is heavy with flamed maple under a translucent blue/green finish.  Rosewood fingerboard.  HSS pickup design.  Incredible playing & sounding guitar.  Mint condition.  Includes original hard-shell case. 

1969 Gibson Les Paul Deluxe:  Goldtop.  First year production of this great guitar.  Everything is original.  Had a Bigsby system that has been removed leaving a couple of small holes and blems on the top behind the stop-tailpiece.  Some belt buckle rash on the back and goes through to the wood (but not into the wood) in a small spot.  No major repair work has been done.  Very good + original condition.  Includes original hard-shell case. 

Gibson Faded LP Special:  Newer reissue of this classic guitar.  This one is TV yellow with rosewood fingerboard.  It has been played and shows a  repair around the body/neck area.  Changed tuners.  P-100's.  Sounds great plays superbly.  Includes hard-shell Gibson case. 

Gibson Faded Flying V:  Newer Flying V in a washed faded red finish.  Like new but better price than you can find anywhere.  Includes gigbag. 

50's-60's Harmony Stratotone:  Classic vintage beginner guitar from this period.  Excellent condition.  No case. 

  1999 Rickenbacker 360:  Gorgeous 360 in black with rosewood fingerboard.  Rick-O-Sound.  Excellent condition and one of the best playing and sounding guitars in the shop.  Includes original hard-shell case. 

 1960 Silertone (Dano):  Model 1321 single lipstick pickup, coke bottle headstock and bronze enamel finish.  Excellent condition (for its age) and a great player.  Sorry, no original case. 

  Fender Telecaster Thinline:  A great reissue of the '70's Thinline Tele.  Natural finish over an Ash body with maple fingerboard.  F-hole of course.  Two great sounding F-buckers.  Excellent condition.  Includes nice padded gig-bag. 

  1957 Reissue Stratocaster:   American made vintage series in 2000 .  Like Clapton's "Blacky" this one is black with maple fingerboard.  Excellent condition and a great sounding guitar.  Includes vintage style tweed hard-shell case.

1986 Gibson Les Paul Standard:  "Pre-Historic" re-issue edition of the '57 gold-top.  Superb gold-top with some of the best humbuckers I've heard.  Incredibly LIGHT at only 8 lbs!!  Nickel hardware, "dark" mahogany back.   Excellent - condition with a little belt buckle rash and nice patina setting in.  Includes brown Gibson case with the pink baby blanket.

 2002 Gibson Les Paul Custom:  '57 Historic Reissue in black finish with gold hardware, ebony fingerboard and double bound body.  Complete with certificate.  Excellent to Near Mint condition.  Includes original hardshell case.

1992 Gibson Les Paul Classic Premium:  Second production year of this gorgeous LP and just prior to the separation of the '58 Reissue Series from the Classic the headstock logo  just says "Les Paul Model" with no "Classic" designation.  Wall to wall flame on this top finished in Cherry Heritage Sunburst.  Top is minimum AAA and could be considered AAAA.  It is simply stunning!  Alnico '57 zebra p/ups really set this one apart in both looks and sound.  This guitar is in Excellent + condition showing almost no wear.  Includes the original brown hard-shell case. 

1991 Gibson Firebird V:  Reverse Reissue of a true classic!  Fantastic playing & sounding guitar that is in Excellent condition.   Comes with the original brown hard-shell case with pink lining & baby blanket.

1961 Gibson ES 345 TD Stereo:  Tobacco sunburst with a hint of flame maple, a pair of PAF p/ups, stop tail, gold hardware.  An absolute vintage treasure we are proud to offer.  This guitar was purchased as a set with the 1961 Gibson GA83S amp, listed below, from the original owner.  It was used until the late 70's and has been stored away since that time.  Plating is worn from the p/up covers, bridge and tailpiece as you would expect but this guitar has been well cared for showing no signs of abuse.  Original tuning key buttons were professionally replace with appropriate reissue buttons and this instrument is otherwise 100% original.  Excellent condition!  Includes original hard-shell case.  We would love to keep this amp & guitar set together as they are so well mated.

1981 Gibson ES 175 D:  Tobacco Sunburst, 2-Humbuckers, Chrome hardware.  A very nice example of this affordable Jazz box.  Great player with tons of tone.  Includes original hard-shell case.

Electric Basses:

1963 Fender P-Bass:  RARE Sonic blue finish.  Lots of checking and some missing paint gives this guitar a great vibe.  Everything appears original on this bass!  Superb playing and sounding relic from the past.  Very good + condition.   Includes original (cream tolex) hard-shell case. 

2000 Jazz Bass:  American made.  Beautiful "Blonde" finish with rosewood fingerboard.  Tortoise-shell pick guard really sets this one off.  Near Mint condition.  Includes original hard-shell case. 

1996 Fender Precision Bass:  American Vintage series P-bass.  Great "growl" and traditional construction to the '62 P-basses.  Very Good + condition.  Includes original hard-shell case. 

1986 Tobias C-5:  A stunning example of a Michael Tobias early bass.  5-stg. neck through with a combination of exotic woods.  The earlier active electronics.  Excellent.  Includes OHSC.

Electric Hollow Body Guitars:

1950 Gibson ES 175:  A great example of the first year ES 175.  Single florentine cut-a-way with a single P-90 pickup.  Tobbacco Sunburst finish.  This guitar is 100% original condition.  Showing the classic fine checking of older nitro finished guitars she is in Excellent condition.  Includes original brown hard-shell case.  


Banjos & Mandolins:

1971 Gibson RB250:  The 5-string workhorse of Gibsons banjo line.  The RB250 is a beautifully made instrument, simple, and yet elegant.  Mahogany neck and resonator, Ebony fingerboard with standard Mastertone bow tie inlay, (3-ply hard rock maple wood rim, nickel plated components.   This banjo is in excellent condition for being 30+ years old.  The binding on the resonator does have a few small cracks but has aged nicely.  Includes original hard-shell case. 

 1966 Gibson RB170:  5-string flathead open back banjo.  Maple rim.  Tremendous sounding open back banjo.  Excellent condition.  Includes original soft-shell case. 

1914 Gibson A-1:  Pumpkin top with "The Gibson" logo.  All original equipment.  No cracks, breaks or major repairs.  Great sounding mandolin.  Includes newer hard-shell case.


Resonators & Steels

1948 Gibson BR4:  Nice example of early BR4.  Guitar shape, tobacco sunburst, no binding, round neck, non-adjustable pole piece pickup covered with plastic lyre stenciled pickup & control cover.  Very Good + condition.  Sorry, no case for this one. 

1973 ShoBud Pro II:  Double neck 10 string pedal steel guitar.  7 pedals & 4 knee kicks.  Beautiful professional guitar.  Excellent+ condition.  Includes original case.


Guitar & Bass Amps:

1965 Silvertone Twin Twelve:  A classic amp that you could dream about and only buy in the Sears & Roebuck catalog.  This amp really ROCKS with 40 watts of 6L6 power.  Of course it has 2 great original Jensen 12's still intact.  Head loads into back of cabinet for easy carrying.  Reverb and Tremelo.  All original and includes pedal.  Very Good + condition for the age.  

1966 Fender Vibrolux Reverb:  2X10 with Fane replacement speakers installed.  Original Jensen speakers included.  Some caps changed.  Running & sounding great.  Very good + condition. 

1967 Fender Super Reverb:  4x10 blackface with oxford speakers.  All original and sounds like a dream.  Excellent - condition.  Includes original footswitch and cover. 

1973 Fender Princeton Reverb:  2-6V6 power tubes with a single 10" speaker.  Tone to the bone in this little amp.  All original excellent condition. 

Fender Super Reverb Reissue:  4x10 reissue of the above real thing.  If you couldn't have the real one this one is as close as it gets to that tone.  Excellent condition.  Includes non-original cover. 

Early 70's Vibro Champ:  All original and clean. 

Early 70's Champ:  2 to choose from.  Both with new Jensen replacement speakers.  Clean. 

Marshall Bluesbreaker Reissue:  2x12 Celestion all tube (will run EL34's, KT88's or 5881's) combo.  Built like the old JTM 45 this is another tone monster.  Great tremelo but, like the original, reverb is a gain hog and you won't get it on these amps.  Orange drop coupling caps and Mercury Mag output transformer mods. 

1965 Fender Pro Reverb:  35 watt 2x12.  All original example of this 'baby twin'.  Great sounding and recently serviced BF Fender amp.   Excellent condition. 

1966 Fender Pro Reverb:  Just like the one above only a year newer.  Original, clean and strong!  Recent filter cap service.  Excellent condition. 

1975 Fender Quad Reverb:  This is a 4x12, 100 watt combo that was built to move a lot of air and this one does that.  Head is similar to a Twin Reverb but with 4 speakers instead of 2.  Plenty of reverb and tremelo.  Very good condition. 

 1979 Fender Vibrolux Reverb:  Later Silverface with pull boost on volume.  100% original and excellent condition. 

 1961 Gibson GA-83S Stereo-Vibe:  Rare Gibson Stereo-Vibe amp.  1x12 Jensen Special Design alnico front facing with 2-8" Jensen Special Design alnicos facing on each side.  4-6BQ5 tube powered for the ultimate in great tone.   Blonde linen-tweed covering.  All original and in excellent condition.  According to documents regarding production of this amp there were only 279 of these built between 1959-1961.  Absoulutely stunning TONE!  This amp may be considered a one-trick-pony regarding the sound but you will hear no better for that sound.  We have finally teched through this amp and it is running fabulously.  Bought with the '61 Gibson ES 345 TD Stereo we sold recently.  Sure would have been cool to keep this pair together.  Listing has pictures

60's Kustom 100:  Blue Sparkle tuck-n-roll.  1x15 D140 JBL stock cabinet.  Works great.  Excellent condition.

 1959 Standel 30J12T:  RARE, RARE, RARE!  Boutique amp of its day this is the one that made Leo re-think Fenders amps for the '60's.  All tube 6V6, 1x12, tube driven tremolo.  Matchless stole the lighted front panel concept from these guys!  White padded embossed covering with oxblood grill.  Excellent ++ condition.  A real collectors find!  Probably less than 100 made!  Listing has pictures 

Fender Vibroverb Reissue:  2x10 tube amp reissue of the classic 60's vibroverb.  Celestion replacement speakers.  A little worn looking but still sounds & runs great.  Good condition. 

Valvetech Amplifier Company:  2x10 all tube handcrafted combo.  6V6 tubes this amp has a very clean tone and offers plenty of overdrive options, reverb, ohm selector and more.  A bit like a vibrolux on steroids when cranking it.  A little vox-ish sounding too.  Check these badboys out at  Excellent condition.  Includes footswitch. 

 1995 Matchless Chieftain:  Yes, a Class A amp with tone to the bone!  2x12 customized Celestion combo features all point-to-point wiring and no circuit boards.  Reverb and effects loop.  Absolutely stunning and incredible amp.  Excellent condition.  Includes original cover.  Just go here to find out more