Custom built guitars crafted from the finest quality woods and components available to meet the demands of the discriminating player.  Over the next few months you will see on this page the development of our line of custom made guitars.  Each instrument is built with exacting specifications to excel in performance, sound and design.  We have built dozens of instruments for our customers over the years with tremendous success and are now in the development stages of offering a distinct line of guitars that will be available on a limited basis as well as continuing our "one-off" custom work.  We are proud to present:


The Vintique Line:     Classic designs and colors with an aged, relic or N.O.S. look.


The Modern Classic:   Classic designs and colors with upgraded components for today's music styles.


The Modern:      Innovative designs on classic styles with great looks but geared for performance.


Ongoing Projects:

      "Vintique T" (sold)


    This "Vintique T" is based on the late 50's styling.  This guitar features a one piece swamp ash body with maple neck & fingerboard.  Finished in an aged blonde nitro-cellulose lacquer this guitar ekes a very strong vibe of a veteran player and high coolness factor.  Pickups are by Fralin Pickups and highlighted with his hybrid staggered bridge p/up using both alnico III and V magnets and reverse wound for quieter operation, rhythm p/up is the standard "retro" making a nice compliment to the bridge p/up with an unbelievable classic tone.  Bridge is "scalloped" for easy access and playability while maintaining a traditional look and equipped with compensated brass saddles for great tone and best intonation.  Tuners are classic style "Klusons" and of course this guitar is fitted with a bone nut for better tone, sustain and durability.  A touch of modern practicality is imparted by the "Electro-Socket" input jack/cup.  Attention to detail exists inside with properly dressed cloth wire and an "orange-drop" .022 tone cap.  Using high quality components and "old-style" construction methods with some value-added assures not only a nice looking authentication piece but one that plays and sounds better than anything available from mass production shops.



       "Modern T" (available)


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    This "Modern T" is based on the classic f-hole model.  Crafted from northern Ash the top is bound with a single white band and finished in translucent black.  Sides and back are solid black to give contrast and provide a nice 3-D appearance.  Neck is maple with ebony fingerboard in a 12" radius and medium jumbo frets for a more modern feel and playability.  Delta 510  1:21 tuners project the more modern styling and simple practicality for fine tuning and sustain offered  by this high grade tuning machine.  The chrome bridge is fitted with 3 brass compensated saddles for vintage styling yet attention to the importance of good intonation.  Also, note the scalloped treble side of the bridge chassis to facilitate better pick and hand clearance when playing over the treble pickup.  Pickups are by Lindy Fralin using his new P-92 in the neck position and a Blues Special model bridge pickup.  The western style setup of the control plate offers easy access to the volume control and the 4-way switching adds the combined pickups in series for a HUGE fat tone.  All components are high quality including an "orange drop" .047 tone cap and fitted with bone nut (Buzz Fieten Tuning System optional).  Truly a stunning guitar combination of sound, playability and appearance with enough uniqueness to be distinct this guitar weighs in at just under 8 lbs..  Includes a nice TKL rectangular vintage style case.  Please, contact us for price.



    "Modern Classic T"


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   This newly completed "Modern Classic T" is brother to the 'S' model below.  Starting with a light nicely grained 2 piece swamp ash body the translucent blonde finish is applied in the finest available nitro-cellulose lacquers available.  There is no production guitar available with the patina and color in our finish process.  Neck is maple with rosewood fingerboard in a comfortable 10" radius and a nice meaty feel with vintage style Kluson tuners.  Tortoise-shell pickguard sets off the color with a nice contrast and warm classic appeal, the Wilkinson bridge with compensated saddles is another touch of our commitment to tone and intonation as well as the addition of the Buzz Feiten Tuning System.  Of course the Lindy Fralin Pickups are becoming a standard and this set Lindy wound special for the guitar in a hybrid staggered, alnico III & V combination with a drop "D" magnet on the rythmn p/up and reverse wound lead.  Also, becoming standard is the 4-way pickup selector adding greater versatility to our models and we have also added the newest version of the "Redeemer" for enhanced tonal clarity, attack and sustain.  Weighing in at close to 7 lbs. this guitar is a nice balance of weight and classic sound you would expect from this model.  Safely cached in our new G&G fitted cases.  Please, contact us for pricing.



    "Modern Classic S"


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    This "Modern Classic S" is sibling to its "T" model above.  Constructed of a swamp ash body, the translucent blonde nitro finish, maple neck with rosewood fingerboard & a contrasting tortise-shell pickguard.  Three Lindy Fralin "Real 54" alnico III pickups drive the authentic tone and sound of this guitar.  A standard 5-way switch is enhanced with a blender control that provides 7 p/up configurations and a multitude of new tones not found in the standard wiring.  Again the emphasis on function is found in the addition of the Buzz Feiten Tuning System for this guitar.  Truly a classic sounding, superb playing & great looking axe!  Includes the G&G fitted case.  Sorry this one is SOLD!!