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(Fender, Gibson, Martin, Gretsch, Vox & Others)


If your looking for a "shopping cart" you won't find one on this site.  Buying and selling instruments is something we take seriously and believe the most successful transactions are done on a personal level.  Almost every guitar and amp we offer has been hand selected or at least met the rigorous requirements and inspections of the repair shop.  Every instrument sold has had special attention given in order to make it the best possible selection of its kind.  We will not offer or expect you to purchase a poor playing instrument or item that is in need of service in order to make it useable or would not allow us to accomplish the mission of inspiring music art.  We take pride in offering great instruments in all price ranges and look forward to working with each customer and client personally.  Please, contact the shop or email us if you are interested in the instruments listed or would like us to locate something you are looking for.

Tone is a subjective and relative issue.  While we know what we like we make no promise that this will be right for you.  We don't buy guitars sight un-seen or un-heard and don't expect you to.  We will provide all the information we can to help you make the right decision for your needs but we reserve the right to make refunds on shipped instruments based upon the information we have provided to you. 




We are always looking for special instruments to provide to our diverse clientele of players, collectors and studios.  If you have instruments that you are thinking about selling we would like to talk with you.  Vintage guitars and amp values are in constant flux but we make it our business to stay on top of this market and believe we can find the best outlets for you.  Through our efforts to maintain this information we can also provide you with accurate appraisals of your instruments for both investment and insurance needs.  Confidentiality is guaranteed.



Repair Shop

    Our repair shop will provide you with everything you need to keep your guitar or amp running at peak performing level.  From general set-up work to electronics and modifications, re-fretting, neck re-sets and restoration work we will provide you with the options and expertise to make the best decision when servicing your instrument. 


A few of our specialties...

                Frets before:  lots of dings dents & flat-spots                                                 Frets after:  leveled, crowned & polished



                                   Turning a bad nut into...                                                                      a Buzz Feiten Tuning System.



                    From installing new pickups & custom rewiring...                                                     to a new Wilkinson bridge.   



             Parts were falling out of this blown Fender power supply.                    New electrolytics being brought online with the variac.



                             Partial & Complete Fret Replacement                                                                   Neck Re-setting



Because of the vast number of different instruments and their particular needs providing a fixed price list is difficult.  We have been servicing guitars, most other string instruments and tube amps for a combined 30 years of experience yet the variables within each particular instrument create its own unique time requirements.  Basic setup and adjustment work will typically run between $30-$45 plus strings.  Including a fret dress with the setup is typically $25-$40 upcharge depending on how bad the fret condition is.  All work can be more easily evaluated when we have the opportunity to see the instrument at the shop. 

A minimum bench charge of $20 ($30 for amps) is required for troubleshooting and this fee will be applied to the cost of the repair should you choose to proceed with our services.

Please, contact us for details about our repair services and costs.



--We are constantly searching for the 'holy grail' of TONE!--


Professional String Instrument Repair & Restoration

Custom Electronic Modifications For Tube Amps & Effects

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